Posted 2 weeks ago

Olaf study. Done in GIMP.

I think I’ll do these things more often. I’ve been doing a lot more painting and figure drawing lately, and I thought it’s about time I applied some of the techniques I’ve been learning to a digital medium. These studies are nice and quick, and I feel like I’m actually developing/learning skills while I’m working on them.

I also saw Frozen a few weeks ago, and I’ve been itching to get some Frozen art done. So I guess this is the result of that. I really need to keep at it though; I like that movie too much to not do a bunch of fan art for it. :V

Posted 3 months ago

I did this as my final painting in my drawing class this past semester, completed in GIMP.

And apparently, my professor has some sort of aversion to digital paintings, and he refused to give me any feedback whatsoever on this piece unless it was printed out. I never did get around to doing that, but I did send him the file in an email, in which I apologized for poor time management. I also said that I would really appreciate if he took the time to let me know what he thought of it. He didn’t. =/

But whatever, I got a B in that class, and I probably won’t have any more classes with that guy anyway. 

Posted 4 months ago

I was exploring the fake internet on GTAV, and came across this “Minister In Minutes” thing. And all you had to do was input your name.

Congratulations, Egoraptor. You are now a minister ordained by the church of Rockstar.

Posted 4 months ago

YEAH some more Game Grumps drawings! I had nothing to do while I was at work, so I decided to learn how to draw Danny, and I kinda like how it turned out. I still don’t think I quite have Arin down, but I’m getting there.

Posted 4 months ago

So I work at this place on campus called “Fine Arts Publications.”

This is what our time cards look like.


Posted 4 months ago

Second color assignment in our drawing class. Again, done with water-soluble crayons.

Posted 4 months ago


It’s a tape dispenser.


Posted 4 months ago

We had a previous student come talk to our seminar class, and she was supposed to share her experiences after college with her art degree. Well, it started out fine, but then about ten minutes in, she made the whole event into a big ol’ sales pitch.

That went on for an hour and a half. It was excruciating. 

Posted 4 months ago

Our first color assignment in my drawing class. Done with water-soluble crayons.

Posted 4 months ago

These are some more old drawings that I did before I got a Tumblr. Just thought I’d get them all out of the way in one post so we could move on to more-recent stuff.